Insurance event
Vehicle damage

An insurance event is a case envisaged by the contract of insurance or the current legislation, which has occurred and upon the occurrence of which there is an obligation of the insurer to pay an insurance sum (insurance indemnity) to the Assured, the Insured person or any other Third party (as per the Law of Ukraine “On insurance”)

Upon the happening of an insured case, which bears the marks of an insurance event, the Assured, his Representative or a Driver are obliged to take immediately all necessary reasonable measures for the purpose of provision of the injured or the insured persons with an emergency medical aid and rescue the insured vehicle,  prevention of further damage of the insured vehicle and  remove reasons of extra loss.

Civil liability of the owners of the vehicles

First-stage measures in case of  road traffic accident:

  • Turn on an emergency stop signal device 
  • Set out a sign of an emergency stop
  • Call in an inspector of a traffic police
  • Put down\note surnames and addresses of the RTA witnesses.
  • Don't take away the car from the accident site or move any objects referring to the accident prior to the inspector's arrival;
  • If  the RTA has resulted a traffic jam on the road thereby making the passage of vehicles impossible, You may free up the driveway only after compiling a scheme in the presence of witnesses, where You should depict the position of the vehicles being on the accident site and note all the surnames, addresses and phone numbers of the witnesses;
  • No mutual payment is allowed