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Voluntary insurance of vehicles CASCO

“Fidel CK”Insurance company offers You a CASCO insurance of Your vehicles
(Voluntary insurance of land transport)

CASCO insurance – is one of main types of traditional property insurance, which is among the most highly developing ones.

Insured risks are cases which may happen with Your car:

  • Damage (loss) of the vehicle resulted from  a road traffic accident (RTA) and other damage of the insured vehicle followed by its or other vehicle's run
  • Damage (loss) of a vehicle due to unlawful act of third parties (UATP) 
  • Damage (loss) of the vehicle resulted from natural disaster, fall of trees or other objects, animal attacks, fire or explosion in this vehicle associated with  inner reasons or other casualties and natural phenomenon.
  • Illegal acquisition of a vehicle.
  • Damage and theft of accessories that are not a part of the original factory installed parts.      

Insurance tariffs

  • Cars from 4,0
  • Minibuses*  from  3,5
  • Motorcycles and other vehicles equal to them from  3,0
  • Lorries and buses* from 2,5
  • Trailers and semi-trailers to lorries and cars from 2,0

    *-depending on cost and the country of origin
  •  Individual tariffs for every Customer 
  •  Loyalty program (discounts for insurance of a car park, discounts as per insurance period to 5% for every following year in the absence of insurance indemnity)
  •  There are also various insurance programs including different options, deductible amounts and tariffs.

Insurance conditions:

  • Over 2 years driving experience
  • The risk of “Illegal acquisition of a vehicle” is insured only together with the risk of “RTA”
  • The obligatory condition of  “Illegal acquisition of a vehicle” risk is presence of one of the security systems:
    1) Sensor security system of(movement, glass breaking, volume control);
    2)  Mul-T-Lock system (transmission blocking);
    3) Immobilizer (electric engine block);
  • In case of insurance event the insurer is to pay for the evaluation of  the damage;
  •  The insurer also pays for the damage to the vehicle caused by its emergency opening
  • Vehicles over 10 years old are not insured.

Our privilege:

  • “Fidel CK” basic privilege (for residents of Odessa and Odessa region ) is that its HQ is situated in Odessa and all decisions are taken rapidly and adequately in Odessa office with no delays.
  • You may pay by installments (at half-year period, every quarter, every month for regular Customers) with no increase in payment.
  • Get insurance indemnity without the written reference from the State Vehicle Inspection for some definite cases.
  • At “RTA” the driver shouldn't pass an alcohol test (excluding time when it is required by the inspector of the State Vehicle Inspection or “RTA” participants) .
  • Get insurance indemnity at “UATP” (Unlawful Act of Third Parties) even if the Ministry of Internal Affairs rejects to initiate a criminal case.
  • Get insurance indemnity for the expenditure on the car evacuation from the “RTA” site if it can't move itself on the public-service roads. Evacuation payment is up to 300,00 hryvnias. It is  obligatory to present a payment document for the evacuation.
  • You may choose any park site for Your vehicle at night time.