Cargo insurance

ODO “FIDEL CK” Insurance Company” insures  any types of cargo except for some categories.
Our company is highly experienced in  insurance of various cargoes which are the following: oil products, cars, alcoholic and tobacco products, perishable cargo, expensive equipment including bulky and heavy cargo. For the long period of its work we gained valuable experience of international transportation insurance, we cooperate with highly qualified surveyors both in Ukraine and in other countries in the world, so all these factors help the company make quick and high-level claim settling.

Insurance territory

Insurance coverage is provided to the cargo shipped by all kinds of transport to any  country in the world.

Insurance conditions

Insurance coverage corresponds to the world standards and is carried out under the Cargo Insurance Rules of ODO “FIDEL CK” Insurance Company” based on one of the conditions as following:

  • “Against All Rsks” (p.3.1. of the Rules);
  • “Limited Liability”(p.3.2. of the Rules);
  • “Total Loss”(p.3.3. of the Rules).

Additional risks

The following risks may be insured if it is required:

  • war and strikes (for marine and air transportation);
  • breakdown of refrigerating machinery (for cargo requiring temperature regime during transportation);
  •  third parties fraud while cargo transportation, including their acts under other person's name and (or) as per forgery documents;
  • loss and damage of cargo at the time of loading and unloading;
  • installing, disinstalling of property at the trade show during its exhibition;
  • keeping at buffer stores  during transportation.

Loss indemnified in all cases:

  • Loss, expenses and cost for general average (during marine transportation of cargo);
  • All charges properly and reasonably incurred in both cargo salvage and identification and decrease of loss.

At a Customer's will the insurance contract may be concluded based on one of the Clauses of Institute of London Underwriters or the Rules of Cargo Insurance during transportation of ODO “FIDEL CK” Insurance Company”.