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Container insurance

Container equipment insurance. All companies dealing with container transportation have both commercial and insurance interest in protection against the risks of common investment and liability.
Among highly motivated companies are shipping companies and many other companies being a part of a logistics chain: auto, railway carriers, forwarders notwithstanding whether they are combined transport operators (CTOs), own a private container park or accept third party liability for the transportation on some route section. This list also includes non-vessel operating common carriers, (NVOCCs) giving their service for transportation at the whole route or its part. Cargo owners stuffing containers with their cargo are also among them.

Three risk zones at the containers insurance may occur: physical loss and damage for the insured container both with some special risks such as loss of possibility of its use or loss of freight for back hauling in case of customer's (renter's) bankruptcy; seizure of the insured container, political risks and finally liability for the loss to the third parties resulted from operation of the insured container.

Some insurance markets have worked out their own standard insurance conditions particularly for container insurance. In most cases they insure  "against all risking" or are limited just for the conditions as followed: total loss only and/or
specified expenses: general average and salvage charges.